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Fallout 3 by ONEwInGeDdEmOn Feb 4, 2011
Please oh please do not try to make a story based off of a videogame that is complete utter randomness and very short. This story deserves worst than a 1. Anyone who sees this rating....STEER CLEAR!
Ok....this has got to be one of the sorriest excuses of a story on here. To be able to actually be entertained from this story would be to have an IQ under 50. Bad spelling, bad sentence, BAD STORY!
Wow, I just wasted a minute of my life reading this.
What the hell why did you rate my story a 1 for no reason?!
This kept me laughing, keep up the good work!
Sanity Killer by Calen Jan 14, 2009
I thought it was a great story with alot of rooms and it was funny. It had alot of different plots so no main plot but it was a great story.
Time waster by Calen Jan 14, 2009
I got through without dying once! Yes! I also hate when people don't follow these rules. Good job.
A good idea but not enough effort.
Da Cave by Leblanc4prez Jul 27, 2008
Can't wait until it's finished!
Hey, if you hold down shift and press a letter it capatalizes.

Anyway, this story really had no point.
You die in almost every option, and I don't think there is a chainsaw controller.
Oh, and if the age rating on half life 2 is not ok with your parents, then why did the store clerk sell it to you?
Forest Dweller by Calen Jul 24, 2008
This story made me feel as if I was actually in it!

10/10! You deserve it.
All throughout reading this story I was thinking WTF?!

This is garbage that is not a story!
Survive a day in school by Calen Jul 24, 2008
This is one of the funniest stories
on here! I would give you a 100/10, but
the rating system won't let me so,
Ok badbadboy47.
Normally I would rate this a 1 2 or 3.
But, it was your first story and you are my friend.

Things that made me rate this story a 4 was because some words were wrong and the grammar was bad. You also must have had the caps lock on for most of the parts. Also there was not many rooms. And if the idea was to fight the elite four, then how come you only fought the champion hugh hefner?

Still it was funny so a 4.
Blind Date by Lucid Jun 22, 2008
This is the most hilarious story I have read! 10/10 I wish I could rate it more like 100/10
Pokemon Jouney 2 by daniel1694 Jun 6, 2008
Ok, this story was not at all great but, I'll give you a 2 because it was a pokemon story.

The reason I thought it wasnt great was because the plot was not at all good.
Everything in the story wanted to kill you. And I dont even think the title is spelled right. Pokemon Jouney 2?
The Spartans by spartan008 Jun 3, 2008
10 this was a very great story!
Good job! I hope you keep up the good work!
I only made it to the 2nd room so wtf was the point of this?

I mean I know that the story is not supposed to make sense and you spelled it wrong and what you just thought putting these up would make you famous?!
I'm ratting this a 1.
You must have one boring life.
This was funny!
Could you plz preety plz continue?