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KSI vs. Logan Paul by kirsonno Mar 25, 2021
Finished it- got every ending!

Love how hard it is to die. Good zombie story. Some of the pages didn't match up to the plot that happened before it though. Might have been better executed on chooseyourstory.com with its variables.
It's not complete, but great job so far. Also a few typos here and there.
Most Wanted by si8mon Dec 13, 2011
I like it. It's not finished but it's not your usual zombie story, and I like the hard to die part.
Chicken Delivery by buklau Jun 22, 2011
Rentyre by Usoki Jul 29, 2009
This is such a sad story...no happy endings. The only problem with this story is that it's not really a CYOA story- more like a traditional story with a few hastily made choices at the end with a few throwaway endings. Also some typos.
The Paradox Factor by Lucid Jul 29, 2009
I read this story years ago, forgot to rate it. The best story I've read on this site. 10/10.
Too incomplete, it's like looking at half a masterpiece
The Thief of Alvera by thoric Apr 1, 2009
Just to balance out the 2 rating. I think this story has lots of potential and would be a 10 if finished anyways.
This story would be epic if it was finished. I especially liked the ninjette parts and how many death scenes there were.
Ducky Park by donteatpoop Mar 26, 2009
Hard to find a flaw with this story. Consistently funny.
lol a little bit of everything
As good of a superhero fan fic as I've read on this site
I would have given this a 10 if it was more proofread and more of a whodunit like Draco I where I would get to guess what really happened, but as is it was one of the best stories on this site, bravo!
The Spartans by spartan008 Mar 21, 2009
Eight for a nice little story. There wasn't really any clues or reason why some actions resulted in death so I would like to see that corrected
Genesis by spartan008 Mar 20, 2009
More proofreading would have bumped it up to a 9. I enjoyed reading it. lol Judas- the most obvious turncoat EVAR
Paradise Violated by EndMaster Feb 20, 2009
I wasn't expecting such a well developed story but I was wrong. Other than a few lazy endings this was not that far from Ground Zero or Necromancer epicness. I give this a 9.
Ground Zero by EndMaster Oct 3, 2007
This story was epic. It is all a choose your own adventure story should be, and more. I'm gonna stop right here cuz if I went on and on I wouldn't get any sleep for a few days. I would pay for a book version of this story.