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Ratings & Comments

This was a lot of fun.
You should try more questions and some harder questions. Also look into revamping some of the dialog.

Again, pretty enjoyable. I don't feel like I wasted my time at all.
Srs Zawmbayz by Cheezah Jun 16, 2007
Sufficiently stream-of-consciousness.

Sufficiently bad writing.

There is no story to tell here.
INTERNETS by Cheezah Jun 16, 2007
I don't know how other people could rate this a one. It's so amazingly symbolic of the average web user. It's also very minimalist - which I think is a good thing.

You should expand this into a huge story, bridging many, many options. With this minimalist writing style it would take less than a day to get on the top ten list for size.
Pretty awesome. Unfinished, but it had wonderful images. If you made all of those, props.
Vampires and A.F.I. by Kitty Mar 21, 2007
This would have been rated lower if you had not put a good amount of effort into it. However, the writing quality is not very good, and the story isn't that interesting.

I should have known from the point it said the entire band was of the vegan gender that I should not read or rate your story, for both our sakes.
Summer Fling by kim19 Mar 21, 2007
I was going to give this story a one, but on [url]http://www.infinite-story.com/choice/97983/?room=49383[/url], I say that a woman can wear a boob tube. I idea of wearing a TV is incredible. (I realize you are probably English or Australian or something, were boob tube means something legit)
This was very entertaining. I just happened to run into and was happy I had. The writing quality is more than decent for a satirical story like this.

Great job DEP, you've done it once more.
Not much else to say about it except I feel like I am less of a being for wasting bandwidth downloading this story.
Now you need to make the video game.
Necromancer by EndMaster Feb 18, 2007
This story kept me enthralled. Endmaster created a world similar to others I have seen before, but led me through it in a completely different way. He kept all the details straight throughout the story, and only minor blemishes in the writing quality were encountered. Truly something to be envious of.
Escape Artist by apotheosis Jan 10, 2007
Looking forward to more challenging levels.

While this does not fit into the usual genre of choose-your-own-ending stories, it has its own place on this server. I enjoyed beating the rookie and noob levels and am currently building the veteran level. If Apotheosis keeps the ratio of size and complexity between difficulty levels, the very hard levels will be a blast.

Giving it an 8 in anticipation.