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I gave you a 2 for initiative, but the story itself does nothing for me. Personal opinion...drugs are not cool.
Reunion by donteatpoop Oct 17, 2005
A very entertaining and original story line. I really enjoyed the humor and style. You would have been given a "10" rating but you made one unacceptable spelling error...its Newcastle Brown Ale, not New Castle. I should know, my husband's a Geordie from Newcastle, where we live ;)
So far this is very, very good. Keep up the good work!
The Bridge by RiotGrrrl Jan 20, 2005
You know how to tell a story well. However, you need to use spaces and paragraphs to make for easier reading. Keep up the good work :)
The Item by jeffisthebest Jan 15, 2005
WOW!!!! What a powerful story, and I only read a few pages. I honestly have to say that you are definitely one of the best, if not THE best, writers in this group. I am very highly impressed. I'm a mediocre writer at best, but I am an expert reader, and you are damn GOOD!
Magick by ayenigel Jan 15, 2005
Off to a very good start! I do recommend that you NOT put an end to the story, like you've done when the burning village was ignored. Instead, I would have the character come across another character who is just a bit upset that the burning village was ignored. Maybe a Mage that requires a penance be done for the cowardly act of running away :)
The Door by CelticFrostQueen Jan 13, 2005
The Door is now OPEN to all who wish to add to the story. I've done this after a number of people have sent me messages saying they loved the story but wanted to see more, plus more graphics. So, I felt the best thing to do was to allow others to add their own creative ideas to the story.
This could be a lot of fun. I'm just glad I was made the town pagan instead of the Madam, LOL!
What Ho! by AlphaDog Dec 30, 2004
This is great! Reminds me very much of how my husband writes (he's a Brit, I'm American). You have this down pat when it comes to British-style humour. BRAVO!
Cavernous Hell by irishdream28 Dec 30, 2004
I like the concept of this story and think it could really go far. Keep up the good work.
Riddlebox 1 by BenjaminWolfe Dec 30, 2004
I LOVE this idea! Lots of fun, keeps the mind working and really makes you think. Very good! Keep working on it. I'd like to see more :)
Vixen Manor by CelticFrostQueen Dec 27, 2004
The "main character" in this story has no set gender. You may play the main character, create a main character, or just use one that is already created. The fun thing about this sort of story is that there can be MANY "main" characters :)
I anticipate that this story will take a lot of mental concentration on my part. Because of this I intend to take a lot of time putting it together instead of rushing it to fill up space.
Doorways by CelticFrostQueen Dec 16, 2004
I see that a number of people have taken an interest in this story. I really like the additions they've all made. Very creative.
Fantastic period piece. Very authentic and historically accurate. I love it!
Great start! I love this sort of story. Keep up the excellent writing and it should do very well.
Downtown by JoshBeck Feb 16, 2004
Bollocks! You don't slingshot almonds for birds to eat. Do you know what an almond, shot at high velocity, could do to a bird? Huh? Do you? The rating of "1" stands. You gotta do better than that to convince me he didn't intend to kill or maim the birdies! ;)
Downtown by JoshBeck Feb 14, 2004
What is the premise of this story? From what I gather it's about seeing a flock of innocent birds and getting the urge to kill them, quite viciously and inhumanely, with a slingshot! Is that correct?
Sorry, a bit sick, juvenile and mindlessly cruel for my tastes.
WOW! Great graphics, enthralling story line and enjoyable writing style. I am impressed, NC!
Doorways by CelticFrostQueen Feb 4, 2004
This story originally started out with a choice of five doors. I have since removed what was Door 1 as I felt that it was going nowhere and was becoming incredibly boring.
I like the challenge :)
Looks good so far. The only reason I haven't rated it higher is because it is still so new with few choices. But your writing style so far is very good :) Can't wait to see more.
Not bad at all. Lots of potential.
Snowbound! by CJW Jan 30, 2004
I really like this story so far. You've managed to make your teen characters believable. Keep up the good work :)
Wild Night by SirShaguar Jan 30, 2004
I've got to agree with Rpgxper on this one. I've known quite a few gay men and none of them have acted like this, except for when they were taking the piss out of the stereotype.
Fish Quest by CJW Jan 28, 2004
This is cute and unique. It has a very relaxing and soothing feel to it. I'd like to see more development to this story.
I used to enjoy watching my daughter play Resident Evil because it scared the hell out of me! LOL! Try padding out the story, make it a bit different from the original RE stories. This could be really entertaining.
Death by: ______ by alfonzo Jan 28, 2004
Very different and original, but a bit morbid for my tastes. Has potential though. Keep at it :)
I don't like to give any story a rating of "1" so I gave it a "2" instead. This story gives me the impression that the writer has very negative and disrespectful views towards women and relationships.
The Big 1 by NCPolice55571 Jan 26, 2004
This story is a fantastic idea. Growing up in Southern California gave me a crash course in Earthquake Survival 101! LOL!
ROFLMAO!!! This is too funny! Can't wait to see how it developes. I think you should have made this a story for your Clan to work on.