Camelon Camelon

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Prom by funnybunny0717 Nov 4, 2019
Strange, but oddly diverting. There are a few clever ends.
Not much to it, though meandering is relaxing. It would be nice if there was a little more time spent on the setting and there weren't so many loose ends.
Your PP Itches by MatthewSperry Nov 4, 2019
Short and boring. The jokes fall pretty flat. The concept itself (locked in a room with a chatty narrator...) could have been interesting had any real time been spent on the talking or on raising the tension.
Cartonia by Coalition7 Nov 4, 2019
This is a pretty fun read. I love the perspective of the MC as a ruthlessly practical mother in law who has to adapt to changing scenarios. It's definitely not your run of the mill standard heroic main character, and it keeps the setting grounded on concerns like retirement, reputation, and grandchildren. I love the twist on the setting and how the very divergent paths each shed light on each other.
The mood of this story is unique - very creepy. There definitely is a tension between what is real, what is not, and the story has a lot of unexpected turns and twists. It's pretty dark, violent, and surreal. There were some cool crazy word image effects in various places.