Savages of the Sacred Salvage

Written for the Battle in the Ruins of a Dead Civilization cross site contest, representing for

There was sadly no way I was going to finish my original story on time, but I had a well timed day off on the 28th so I decided to just start cranking out a token entry. I had to at least show up to the battle even if I couldn't contribute anything worthwhile to Team CYS, after all.

Ironically, the way Infinite Story is set up means this rushed garbage story will show up in the New Stories listing, while the ones people actually worked hard on for two months, won't. I should probably use this space to link to all the others in a more visible way or something, but right now, gotta submit submit submit, five minutes left aahhhhhh!

The real story I started, Falling Stars, Wasteland Scars, I'll be completing as a NaNoWriMo goal, finished here to prove I don't need no stinking variables, then ported over to CYS. (Where I'll probably break and add variables...)

Btw, here's a short story by Gower about the contest entries, more entertaining than anything you will find continuing to click through this one:

There's a few more in that thread if you scroll around, along with an illustration.
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