Savages of the Sacred Salvage

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by poisonmara on Nov 19, 2019
This is a pretty fun read. I love the perspective of the MC as a ruthlessly practical mother in law who has to adapt to changing scenarios. It's definitely not your run of the mill standard heroic main character, and it keeps the setting grounded on concerns like retirement, reputation, and grandchildren. I love the twist on the setting and how the very divergent paths each shed light on each other.
by Camelon on Nov 4, 2019
by EndMaster on Nov 4, 2019
by ninjapitka on Nov 1, 2019
I really did like this story. It was short like you said it would be, but it didn't necessarily feel very short. I don't know what Infinite Stories stance is on spoilers so I'll do my best to avoid them, but be warned that there may be some in here.

So this was well written, which was somewhat expected but always appreciated. When you start off the story it will probably be very confusing. At least, it was to me. I wasn't sure what "Hell locusts" were, or how these people were going into Hell. But as you read on things become a lot more clear (if not fully clear), and arguably more interesting. It gives an interesting interpretation of how people perceive others. Or at least, how a primitive group that was isolated for a long time might perceive strangers. Now, there are still some things that confuse me about the story. But I'm guessing that successive readings will be useful in figuring those out. I also felt that some endings were a bit abrupt. Like they were supposed to be the beginning of a new path instead of the end. But for something written in less than a week it is certainly impressive.

Mizal managed to create an interesting world here which clearly has a lot of history and diversity in it. But it doesn't feel as fleshed out as it could be. It's another story that I hope is one day resurrected and finished. I found it to be a very interesting, if pretty short, story. I'd recommend that people give it a read.
by TurnipBandit on Nov 1, 2019

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