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I finished all the doors to come to a loose end.
Prison Escape by kahnbr Jan 13, 2020
Pretty good.
Great story! I like how you can make up your own world!
I made it.
U r a bum with bums on it.
This story is great!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 Minutes Left by KingRomero Oct 6, 2019
I won the game in two different ways.
Great! Can you make Santa have a chainsaw.
The Horror Doors by AdelynHJ11 May 25, 2019
You copied me!!!
You already rated mine but I still like your story. I like trains.
1. I am a boy.
2. I want a better ending.
3. Please read my series of Doors and think of a better ending.
4. Please rate mine as I did to you.
TRASH by EndMaster May 25, 2019
So many bad words in the biginning.
Good. But I found some loose ends.
“Doors 2” by DanielHS11 Apr 16, 2019
This is great!