❗=> ⚠️ The Mansion of Margoth! ⚠️ <= ❗

Your Background:
You wake up in the center of a massive mansion. Your only memories (besides how to do what a normal middle-aged man/woman could do) are of a legend called "The Mansion of Margoth". It was supposedly built many years ago, then filled with a strange dark gray substance called the mirk. It is said that those who fall into the mirk are never seen again. You know that you can attempt to cover over the mirk and continue into the mansion, you even find that there are many boards around for this purpose. Placing down boards is easy, but the mirk may swallow them. Thus, it is wise to wait until the boards are either swallowed or hold firm.
You feel that you must escape this place or be lost forever!

Playing the Game:
In the mansion, you will encounter areas that have not been submitted yet and be prompted to submit rooms for revision. This is how you cover the mirk with "boards". For information on what kind of "boards" (rooms) you can submit, check the submission guidelines. Have fun with this game.
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