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a normal thursday by aidino Jul 10, 2017
Oh. It was a horror/thriller. I thought it was the last re-run of Elmo's Halloween Special (or whatever it is.) Dear God, please stop this nonsense. It's going to be the Death of me...
*Your Crush* by dami5864697 Jul 10, 2017
Holy s***, this is terrible.
world war II by cindychan1153 Jul 4, 2016
So. Short. So stupid.

I like the idea of World War II as the topic, but at least make a better story out of it. Im giving you a 3 to make up for the other guy who just left a 1 without a comment. It really doesn't deserver a 3. ...
And by the way, this portion of the story took little time.
Also, I looked at my Life in the ARMY story, and a few of those paragraphs had 11, and even 18 lines.

So I have no idea what you're talking about.

I respect your comment, even though I do not agree. But I would like to see YOU write a thorough story, detailed and all, like with my Escape the Mothership and Life in the Army.
I would like to let you know I'm writing 3 books at the moment so Infinite Story time is limited for me. And the 1st Idiots test was nice, people liked it, and with this one I'm not even finished yet. And I would also like to let you know that 2 of my stories I created quite a while back are highly detailed and have not 1, 2, 3, or even 5 lines, but more like 8 or nine 9 on most occasions.
Idiots test by Creeper909 May 15, 2016
I am fixing a few "problems" on this story before I work on I's.T. 2. I have read the ratings + comments and I am fixing most of these problems. Problems that would take too long or would mess up the story are going to be added on the sequel of this Idiot's Test 2. (I's.T. 2)

So, thanks for the feedback! :)
Idiots test by Creeper909 Mar 19, 2016
Thanks! I'm going to most likely fix those problems but I never realized I made the bottom answer right so many times. Dino I'll add you to the scoreboard. P.S. You're in first place.
Idiots test by Creeper909 Mar 6, 2016
SparklingBeavis I finished the story... What was your score?

You may be in 1st place!
A Minecraft Tale by Creeper909 Feb 1, 2016
I give credit to my friend Ravenclawz for some of the rooms. Thank you.

(P.S. This was my 1st story.
Life in the ARMY by Creeper909 Feb 1, 2016
Why do I have 2 ratings on this?

If you have seen my other reviews on my stories that are supposed to be "funny", the, another review for you. (Hey, that rhymes!) But I am also disappointed with this one too, so ignore my low-rated stories. Instead, check out idiot's test! It's better than (almost) all my stories put together!
I am disappointed with my own story.



Hey, you know that other story I said about? Well, it's Idiot's Test. And you know what, I hate my own story. I mean, it's OK, but still... it's not good. So I rate it terrible.
Idiots test by Creeper909 Jan 23, 2016
I am still working on this story, and I plan for it to be a lot longer.


Idiots test by Creeper909 Dec 24, 2015
I gotta, rate my own story to get it good, I will.
The only available class is Knight right now. Feel free to add!
Pokemon by JoeMon150 Dec 22, 2015
Wow this was funny. I like that JoeMon150 gave you little facts about stuff to keep you occupied. Some of them were funny. You did a good job JoeMon150. Keep it up
So, your dad set the whole thing up. But enraged monkeys? What, is your dad an insane guy trying to kill you? why would your dad set up a joke with enraged monkeys that rip you apart and eat your remains? Stupid.
Hey Jazz, there are loose ends, like on the gun picking in the armory. Just to let you know.
It was good! To many loose ends, though. Keep on going, Apotheosis! (Did I spell or name wrong? Is it Apothoesis? Nah, I think I got it right the first time. :3 )
Are you kidding me?! This story was sheer lunacy. Pure stupidity. The choices were dumb, and the topic of each one, terrible!
Fall of SHIELD by AriKras Jun 4, 2015
Good so far. It needs more rooms, but, AriKras, you are doing great. Keep up the good work!
LOL lyk whatevz by divinehyper Jun 3, 2015
I say this again, this was sheer lunacy. Sheer, lunacy.
IWT5- The Sneeze by Usoki Jun 3, 2015
What was this story?. Was it supposed to be like this virus sneeze that goes around possessing people? Or was this pepper thingy- OK, I'm gonna stop here, because there's no point talking about this for an hour. So, to sum it up, I didn't see the point.
ninja lengend by bloo Jun 3, 2015
That, was pure lunacy.
Best Day EVUR by TessaKat101 Jun 3, 2015
Eh, I guess it was OK. But in the beginning,when you call up your friends, and they want to hang out with you, one of the choices was: Die. I mean, die? Really? Who would commit suicide for your friends wanting to hang out with you. That's sheer lunacy.
This, was terrible.
Worlds Apart by Cat2000 Mar 22, 2015
Very nice! Cat just needs to finish it. Good work, Cat!
This, made me laugh. Muffins, it doesn't really have any point to it, but, I guess it's pretty good. Great for humor.
The serf journey by Teams Mar 22, 2015
Eh, It's okay, but not the best.
Dragonflies by ravenclawz Mar 21, 2015
It has real potential. Pretty good. I like it. ravenclawz, keep working on it.
The Race. by superjo16 Mar 21, 2015
How in the world do you get to the car race? I signed up for a job, I got the money, and I went to the car store. I would have had like 7 grand but it said I only had 4 GRAND!
Come ON. Too many loose ends.(I have meany loose ends in SOME of my stories, but I work on multiple at a time.) You had the right idea, though. Keep working on it!
Eh, OK, I guess. WAY too many loose ends, though. Try to add on, Draco, and yo might undergo some popularity, like, NCPolice and Cat2000 and EndMaster.(All those guys' stories are ones I like to read, oh, and Vesnicie, apothosis,and donteatpoop.). So yeah, this is to ALL you guys out there, you can be like THEM (I'm trying to be have some popularity, too). All you guys (MIGHT) have some potentiol out in your stories.
TERRIBLE. Absolutely TERRIBLE. -_-
Through the years... by Pooky642 Mar 21, 2015
This is nice. It is the story of Adam and Eve and how sin entered the world. Very nice.
I read it through a bit more, and I wasn't very much amused anymore. Well, I see if you wanted to make a humor clip thing, but, next time, MAKE AN ACTUAL STORY!!
Eh, I've got to give you credit. It was pretty funny, considering the plot of every room was "PUSH THE RED BUTTON!" Yeah, so, pretty good.
World War II by chitoryu12 Mar 20, 2015
Oh come ON. You really need to put more thought and effort into it.
Legend by EndMaster Mar 20, 2015
Fantastic! I highly recommend this story. I just finished it! Really good.
Life in the ARMY by Creeper909 Mar 6, 2015
I know I put on TWO ratings for my own story, one DOESN'T count, because I wasn't paying attention and a rated my own story instead of the one I was supposed to. Please tell me how to delete comments and stuff!
LOL lyk whatevz by divinehyper Mar 4, 2015
Terrible. I hated it. Bad grammar. Not well though out. I'm gonna read some of Cat200 and EndMaster and all those good people out there's stories. Also, this was all hippie, texting style, not book style.
LOL lyk whatevz by divinehyper Mar 4, 2015
This was PATHETIC. Bro, you need to use better grammar. PLUS, it is not well written and I went back to the Infinite Story homepage before I got to room 3. Terrible.
SO MANY LOOSE ENDS!BRO, YOU NEED MORE ROOMS! I do approve of that "Another TUESDAY Morning" thing. I have read Another Monday Morning and it was PATHETIC. I mean, who keeps and M9 in their pocket? Who kicks the police in the face? Who looks for pictures of his boss and his wife? A CRIMINAL. So I am giving you a nice 5.
Life in the ARMY by Creeper909 Mar 4, 2015
Hi guys I'm sorry I don't have a lot of rooms for some of the choices, but I will continue working on it. :)
The Quest by Cat2000 Feb 19, 2015
Hey, I continued it. I am going on with it. But, I can't work on 10 stories at the same time (oh yes, I can!), so I need to help Cat work on this. Besides, she is my friend.
Middle Ages by Aluana Feb 18, 2015
Actually pretty good! Just needs to be quite a bit longer. Otherwise, it was good.
Pretty bad. This should be rated R or MA. This is definitely not G. Bad words ARE included.
Final Quest by Cat2000 Feb 18, 2015
Life in the ARMY by Creeper909 Feb 18, 2015
Very nice!
Final Quest by Cat2000 Feb 17, 2015
I have to say, this is SO long. But even better, it is SO good. I would read this a billion times a DAY.
Life in the ARMY by Creeper909 Feb 16, 2015
the jazz by Jazz4455 Feb 16, 2015
Needs way more rooms. Needs improvements.
A Minecraft Tale by Creeper909 Dec 2, 2014
Of course. I just picked a random rating. It's my story for cryin' out loud!!!
Future Life by ravenclawz Dec 2, 2014
I'm not doing this because i'm your friend. I doing it because IT WAS SO GOOD! Keep up the good work!
A Minecraft Tale by Creeper909 Nov 26, 2014
Hey! That's my story!
Hanson by resg Nov 26, 2014
I gave this an average, because I'm pretty sure it was a good story. I have no idea what's going on 'cause it was not in English.