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Universal by Rennat Jan 22, 2015
Just realized I've rated this twice... heh... sometimes I forget things
Universal by Rennat Jan 22, 2015
Not bad, but sometimes sentences aren't capitalized and stuff like that.
A Trip to The Past by Priscilla Jan 22, 2015
Not bad, but I basically picked EVERY single wrong choice possible. You should've made those choices actually a choice, because it basically is not a choose your own adventure, it's just a story. Kinda ruins the whole point of Infinite Story. But the story isn't bad, and the writing is good, so I'll still give it a good rating.
The House by kieren21 Jan 22, 2015
Not particularly entertaining, but it's nice. Kinda abstract in a way. A bit weird. Hard to really describe..
Real nice story there :D
Escape Artist by apotheosis Dec 6, 2014
Very good! The writing was good, and the game itself is excellent. Also the bit of humor when describing Inexperienced Moron level...
A Minecraft Tale by Creeper909 Dec 6, 2014
Not bad!
Hilariously random...the writing needs a tiny bit of work though. Good job so far though.
Galactic Collision by nageekara Nov 7, 2014
Pretty good!
Universal by Rennat Nov 4, 2014
Not bad story, but I see a *little* laziness in the writing. But not bad.
Solipsism by Usoki Oct 30, 2014
Pretty nice
Legend by EndMaster Oct 24, 2014
Awesome! Just finished it, took forever to "play" it, can't even imagine how long it took to make it. I finished with an alignment of 20, if 20 wasn't max would've been 24.. :D Love this, highly reccomended
The Prophet by BatCountry Oct 22, 2014
Epic :D
When Zombies Attack by YazZMaN Oct 22, 2014
Escape Artist by apotheosis Oct 21, 2014
Cool. I like it :D
Amethyst by Bandra Oct 21, 2014
Awesome! I love it :D The writing's really good too. Love to see more of this :)