Adventure Time: Jake and Cake run away

You decide to attack it. You let out a high hiss before charging in and attacking.

"Cake!" Fionna yells scared. You don't listen and attack the creature. The creature lets out a blood curdling scream in pain. You pull back as it yells and you taste blood.

The "creature." comes out of the shadows shaking. It's a young buck fawn. He even still has his spots.

"Cake!" Fionna scolds. "You attacked a fawn!"

You're embarrassed and feel horrible for hurting a fawn. You wipe the blood off of your face before going to the clearing where Fionna and the fawn are.She looks up at you still angry. Then the fawn cuddles up to Fionna.

"What?" Fionna asks you still angry, as she tries to stop the bleeding on the young buck's back. You've never seen her this angry at you before.

What do you say?