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The Shadow Games

The land of Avondale. Such a wonderous place. Peaceful, secluded, quaint, and ever so lovely.
Here in this tiny village you live w/ your mother, father, three brothers and two sisters in your cozy home. You are the oldest and probably strongest of the bunch. You, other than your father, are the only one in the family so far who has mastered using various forms of ki.
You exit the cottage door and walk out into the spacious lawn. Mother and your sisters are preparing breakfast. Your father is in the study smoking his pipe and reading. Your brothers are about their chores (you already finished yours.)
You make your way to the gleaming river which flows by your city town. Your robes hang loosely on you and flow as you move. The river's edge is where you and your father would meditate earlier in the mornings. It is where he taught you many things and trained you in the martial arts.
You find a cool spot and rest yourself on the grass entering into a meditative state. Halfway through your silence you are suddenly interrupted. Flames suddenly burst from the roof engulfing your house. The figure of your youngest brother flies thru the wreckage and lands nearby. Cold. Dead.
You rush to his body tears stream from your face, but you are once more interrupted by the site of your father battling a dark shrouded figure.
What do you do?