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"How do you like me now..'Lieutenant!' You sneer, as you stab your victim in the arm.

"Does this feel as good as a rolling-pin? To feel as your tender, warm flesh, is penetrated with a sharper object than a dildo?" You begin to wriggle the knife around a little, and watch in satisfaction as his eyes clench shut, and he looks as though he may cry.

"Aww...Do you regret blackmailing me, now? Will you want to humiliate me again?"


You pull the sharp end of the knife from his bicep, sadistically, you raise it again, poised to stab him in the one place that matters most to men.

"LOUDER!" You yell in his ear.

"NO! I w-won't..."

From then on, his eyes leak bitter tears. He's tempted to sob, but your knife reminds him who he's messing with.

Now that your threat has been dealt with, will you return to work?