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A True Horror

Dave's eyes begin to steadily open, or at least so he thought. He could see nothing, just a constricting darkness that seemed almost to breathe and move steadily past his vision. The first thing he noticed was the icy cold steel that held his hands against a hard, rigorous wall. He struggled, but it was in vain, for he couldn't escape it's clutches. His legs were similarly bound, and he realized he was in a position very similar to a crucifixion.
What kind of bastard could do this? At that moment, a bright light flashed, and he was temporarily blinded. When his eyes adjusted, he immediately began praying for the darkness to return and shroud the horrors within.
Blood soaked the floor that lay before him, a massive pool especially noticeable in the center of the stone room. Around the center were hundreds of people, bound by steel shackles like he was. Some shackles were mainly empty, with only limbs left attached. Above him, human corpses were impaled by long, thin spikes, which were shaped almost like elongated nails.
That's when Dave noticed one of the bodies on the "nail ceiling." His eye had been forced out by one of the spikes and was barely holding onto his socket by a few strands of muscle. However, Dave could have sworn that he had seen the body twitch. Suddenly, as he was thinking about this, it twitched again. Thinking quickly, Dave decided he should...