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The Guild

(Author's Note: I'm re-doing this story so that each path is done one by one. Currently focusing on Human Male.)

I was going to write an introduction about how this tale would slowly unravel to become a fittingly epic recollection of how you - the hero - chased impossible dreams which led you to adventure, renown and wealth, while leaving hordes of dead beasts and heartbroken women (or men) in your wake. How you forged a name and a destiny for yourself, despite the unfair hand life had dealt you.

But you know what? I didn't. Because I find that one of the greatest rewards of putting yourself in a new character's shoes and truly living out their story is that you start from a humble origin, slowly building yourself up to greatness. If you started at the top, one-shotting creatures where and when you wished, where would the fun be?

Well, I'll just step down from my soapbox now before I get carried away. Let's get started on bringing your character into this world.

Put yourself in their shoes. Now look yourself over. Are you a hero or a heroine-to-be?

You have 2 choices: