The bell rang as Blaine began to put his school books into his satchel. His fellow classmates had already packed up and were rushing toward the door, but he was in no such hurry. Unlike his friends, Blaine did not have a car. There was no point in leaving school immediately, because the city bus that would take him home wouldn't arrive for another twenty minutes or so. And, anyway, if he waited a few minutes, he would get to walk behind the Smith sisters on his way to the bus stop.

Cassidy and Sonja Smith were arguably the two most attractive girls in the whole of Elmsdale High. Granted, they weren't the hottest girls; that honor belonged to Jacelyn and the rest of the cheerleaders. But 'attractive' encompassed a wide variety of factors in Blaine's mind, the most important of which was 'willing to acknowledge my existance'. Even though they were two of the most popular girls in school, they were still nice to all types of social outcasts. Some of his friends though that was because they'd only just moved to the area two months ago, but Blaine had the feeling they were better than that. It was a feeling from the heart. A few feet below the heart, even.

Sonja was older, born in June, while Cassidy was born the following May. They were just under a year apart in age, but they were in the same grade because of where the school system placed the dividing line. Sonja was a tall, lithe beauty, with silky smooth skin and willowy hair that shimmered like a field of wheat. Her eyes, blue like the seas, reflected the gentle kindness of her soul. Her ruby lips stood out like a sunset in a dark forest against her pale skin and light hair. Cassidy was a few inches shorter, but no less beautiful. By contrast, her flowing hair cascaded like a mahogany waterfall, framing her supple skin. Her eyes, dark as night, sparkled with a cheerful mystery. Her lips, red as blood, stood out like luscious cherries against her chocolate hair.

Normally, Blaine would pretend to sort through the papers in his locker, as he waited for Sonja and Cassidy to leave for the afternoon. But today was different. There was something important he needed to do before taking the bus home. He had put aside some money from his part time job, and today was the day to spend it. It was time to face the facts of life. He was a man, and every man has desires and needs. And well, the Smith sisters were women. Really, really, beautiful women. And maybe, just maybe, one of them would agree to be his girlfriend. But there was only one way to find out. Only one thing for it- Blaine needed to ask one simple question.