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Starless Night

You stand at the edge of your destroyed village, staring numbly at the smoking wreckage. Bodies litter the ground, but judging by the marked lack of decay, this couldn't have happened more than a day ago.
If only you had arrived sooner, you think, tears stinging your silver eyes. Your hands curl into fists , and you bare your teeth in rage as you consider how best to avenge your family. The only thing you can come up with is... find the murderer responsible, and kill him.
"I will avenge you," you whisper.
"Oh?" a mild voice inquires by your foot. "And just how are you going to accomplish THAT, may I ask?"
Startled, you look down. Your unexpected companion is a small tabby cat.
"Well? Don't just stand there staring. Pet me."
Make that a small, TALKING tabby cat.
"Obviously," the cat comments, "you're going to need my help..."

You have 2 choices: