Can you juggle your teenage life?

PLEASE NOTE: If you see bracketts () in any of the speeches, it means the words in the bracketts is in the character's mind and that is what they are thinking. Stars ** will represent the character's actions.

Please take this into account when adding on a room. Also, if you are going to add on a room, use proper punctuation. I'll accept the odd typo or so, but if the grammer is at a bad standard, it will be rejected.

This story contains many catagories like Humour, Drama, Romance etc.

Have fun with the story.


The bell rings.

Guy: "Toby...Toby!"

You wake up from your desk. You see your friend, Guy, standing over you.

You: *still half-asleep* "Huh, huh? What?"

Guy: "Dude, get up, I don't have time to watch you sleep. Can we get some lunch or something?" (Unless you feel like having a hangover in history class)

You: "Su-sure...maybe we can catch up with Bridget, you know, ask her to have lunch with us?"

Guy: "Dude, not her again! She is all you think about! You write poems about her at home, you stare at her all day-"

You: "I do not!"

Guy: *gives you a look that says "Stop kidding yourself"*

You: "Alright, fine! But, can you blame me? Her sliky brunette hair, her blue-pool inviting eyes, her-"

Guy: "There you go again, lover boy! Look, why don't you just talk to her or something?"

You: (Why don't you change your name? Guy is a stupid name...) *sighing* Let's go... *Gets up and walks out of the classroom*

As you walk out of the classroom, you notice Guy talking to the teacher so you decide to wait for him outside of the classroom.

About two minutes later, you notice Bridget, the girl of your dreams walking past you...alone...jackpot! You could make your move right now...but you promised Guy you would wait for him.