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Jesus H. Christ

The air was cold as Jesus stood alone on the church roof. He often would come here to just clear his thoughts, and he thought it ironic sitting feet away from a depiction of himself crucified. He finished his cigarette and jumped off the high roof. His sandals make a deep depression in the earth but years of traing and muscle conditioning leaves him unscathed.

Pablo waits obediantly by his cab as Jesus makes his way back. He has served as Jesus' friend and ally in the few years since his second coming. He was a medium sized hispanic man originally from Nogales, but his search for work brought him to this side of the border.

"Everything alright J.C."

"Yeah it's fine, are you ready to go."

Pablo nods to the affirmitive and gets into the driver seat as Jesus takes his normal spot in the back.

"Where to J.C?"

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