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Sleeper Car

The train was quite empty for a Friday night heading out of the city. there she sat with her briefcase closed on the table next to a glass of red wine that shook with the rythym of the train. Her legs were crossed under the table and her tight gray skirt slid up her thighs revealing the barest hint of her stockings and garter.

He caught a glimpse of her bored expression and decided to sit and talk. He bought a beer for himself and sat at the table next to hers so he could peek at her legs under the table.

Her hair was pulled up in a tight twist and her conservative blouse was unbuttoned to a very unconservative depth. Her suit coat was draped over the back of the seat and the wine she was drinking had made her pink and flushed. He wondered if her dark hair was long or short in that updo, but before he thought about it more, she smiled at him.

"Good evening" she greeted him, "its like we are the only people on this train tonight." She smiled and laughed silently making her breasts wobble beautifully in her shirt. He could see the white lace of her bra through the thin layer of the white shirt she wore.

His smile grew and he met her eyes again. "Good evening," he nodded and laughed, "are you on a business trip?"

She nodded and motioned with her slender fingers that he should join her at her table. He was happy to comply. He let his knee brush her thigh as he sat down and offered his hand to her for a friendly shake.

She took it in her own and her palm was soft and warm. He though about what it would feel like to have those elegant hands on his dick and he felt the tension rise in that very same member. Without letting go of her hand he sat down and smiled into her brown eyes. "you are a very beatiful woman and I'd love to have you for my own."

The look and the squeeze of his hand made the hot juices flow out of her and her pulse picked up.

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