Sigma Epsilon Chi

Nerek left the conference room, where he found Jorrin standing by the doorway. "So you figure out who you're gonna help?"

"Yeah, I'll take on Skeve's job."

"Awesome, brah. Thanks so much. Before we teleport you, though... one last thing. I've got a few things for you. First, here's a copy of our vault bag. When you reach in, you'll pull out money straight from our account; I figure money'll make the bastards happy enough. Also, we got you a magnifying glass that can detect draconic blood. It's effective, but it's not very subtle, so I wouldn't use it in public. Any questions, brah?"

"Yes, actually. When should I expect payment?"

"When the job's done," said Jorrin, laughing. "When we teleport you, we'll also put a return rune on your neck. You'll be there to hear the CFR deliver her verdict."

"And it won't be suspicious if I'm there?"

"Nah, man, we put you down on paper as 'maintenance'. You're expected to be there. You all set? Ready for your teleport?"

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