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Voice in my head

The moon was high bestowing a silver haze upon the world. The night was alive with the music of the wild, mixed with a stifled moan of an injured man. Alone bleeding in a deep sided ravine slumped in a half sitting position was a light haired man fighting against the temptation of unconsciousness. He tried to move to a more comfortable position but the blood started flowing free again so he stopped worrying about comfort. He couldn't help but think to himself was this this the way it was going to end. Alone in this god forsaken ditch. No it can't be not after all that has happened. I have to get up, but if try I might bleed out from my wounds.

"If you stay there you will die" The voice came from seemingly nowhere.

"Help me I am injured"

"I know of your accident but you are the only one who can get yourself out of this situation"

He looked around as much as he dared with one hand pressed hard against the gaping wound in his belly

"Where are you I cannot see you"

"I am close"
The agitation he was starting to feel was worse than any of the wounds he had suffered. Does this mystery voice intend to mock him until he died. Watching him struggle in a small pool of his own precious bodily fluids. Maybe he was sent to finish him off by Traza

"I do not work for that betrayer"
He thought Did I say that out loud. Am I so injured that I am incoherently babbling my thoughts. Or is it something more

"More, now get up Bryce!"

"How do you know my name? Who are you? Where are you? Can you read my thoughts?"

"No more questions you have to get up"

"I can't"

"You must or it will be the end of both of us."
Bryce began to stand the wound in his abdomen was gushing under the effort. Again he slumped down against the earthen wall.

"I can't"

"You are weak-minded. Do you wish to live."


"THEN STAND" the mysterious voice shouted
Bryce gripped the side of the wall using every last ounce of energy he possessed. Several wounds were bleeding at this time each one threatening to end his existence, but he persevered clawing the dirt which made up the side of the ravine. Fighting for every hand hold. Once he was fully standing the exertion proved to much for him and he passed out.
"I could not do it. I have failed"

"No you have not. You will live"
Bryce awoke confused and bewildered wondering if last nights events were just a dream. He checked the devastating wound in his stomach that threatened to take his very life. The injury was there but it looked like it had been treated, cleaned, and then dressed with his shirt. Only a dull ache remained. What took place? Who was that voice? Where was he?

The scene around him was not the one he left last night. He was on the shore of a clear calm stream in a large clearing of a deciduous forest. The position of the sun let him know that it was slightly after midday, but where was he. This forest did not look familiar but he was far from home before he was ever hurt. He bent down to the cool water to wash the grime from his face. The slow paced liquid shone with the afternoon sun reflecting an image of Bryce. He peered in looking at himself. He appeared worn, his face seemed older than the twenty-five years he endured. He wore heavy bandages around his abdomen tethered over his left shoulder and a large wound ran from his temple to his chin on the left side of his face . I didn't notice this last night he thought to himself.

"You had more important things to worry about"
Bryce panned around to see if this time he could catch sight of the person who had brought him here.

"Hello" Bryce said rather loud as he was scanning the trees.

"Down here."
Bryce confused, lowered his gaze to the stream to see his reflection staring back. The reflection was all wrong. The position wasn't right whatsoever. While Bryce had his hands down on the embankment to hold himself the mirrored image was standing there arms crossed a wide smirk across his face. Bryce's face.

"What is happening" Bryce said bewildered beyond comprehension

"You had a bad night"

"How are you doing that" Bryce's hand skimmed the surface of the water as he spoke. The ripples played across the unnatural image, but did not dismiss it.

"I am doing nothing more than you are."

"Who are you?"

"I am Yhuturu"

"What are you?"

"That's a bit more complicated."

"What do you mean. What's happening to me?

Yhuturu discarded the grimace." You died from the injuries you sustained from the

The thought seemed so absolutely absurd to Bryce. How could I have died? I live and breathe now. My wounds are healing. I feel the grass beneath my feet. The apparition must be playing some trick on me, telling me such lies.

"I assure you I am not lying."
Bryce's mouth stood agape. This creature was in his thoughts. If his mind was an open book to this creature what was he possibly going to do? What if he was telling him the truth and this was some terrible afterlife? What was there do?

"If you calm down for a second I will tell you, and stop thinking in questions it is irritating, and stop referring to me as creature as I said my name is Yhuturu. Get use to it, it will need to come naturally."

"How are you reading my thoughts?"

"I reside in your mind sharing this body."
Bryce's thoughts started swimming again. Before he could question the statement or try to envision his own answers Yhuturu continued.

"Your body took grievous wounds, and under normal circumstances that would have killed you. I came along at your final moment, and I co inhabited your body. Are souls intertwined at that moment connecting our minds to your body. You tried to climb out but fainted under the exertion. I then took control getting you out of that accursed ditch. My abilities healed your wounds to a non-fatal level. I dressed the rest of the injuries and set off for somewhere comfortable to sleep and recharge the vessel."

"You were in control of my body."

"Our body." Yhuturu corrected "And that will be happening from time to time. I saved your life so this little gratitude is the least you could do, plus I will help you in your campaign as well."

"What campaign?"

"Vengeance against your brother. I am on a similar mission my self. We will work symbiotically to reach our goals."

"Who are you talking to." an old crackled voice called out across the stream.
Bryce looked up to see an elderly man with hunting gear on the far side of the clearing. He looked back down, but the reflection had reverted back to a thing of no interest just repeating the action of it's creator.
Trying to save some face Bryce said

"Sorry I must have been talking to myself. I'm lost can you give me some clue as to where I might be."
The older man approached cautiously holding his Winchester rifle tight to his body by the strap.

"This is not the place to be getting lost, there are creatures about."
He has no idea Bryce thought to himself, but playing along seemed prudent at the moment.

"What kind of creatures" Bryce said with mock terror in his face.

"Wolves mostly ,but I have heard tale about a bear or two out during these warmer months. Never mind them though how did you get all the way out here."

Bryce thought quickly "I was in a car accident and banged up pretty good so I went looking for some help with the trauma.
The old hunter gave a skeptical look

"The nearest highway is miles away. You walked all that distance?"
Miles. How many Bryce wondered to himself

"Many, I had to make sure that no one was coming back to confirm the deed was done. We were in no condition for a fight." He heard the familiar voice say

"I walked all night hoping that I would eventually come across someone who could help me. I passed out at early dawn probably more from exhaustion than my injuries they don't seem so bad now." Bryce lied

The hunter asked sounding generally concerned a clear sign that he had bought the falsehood "Was there anyone else in the car with you?"

Two, the assailant and the traitor
"No I was alone"

"Well that is some good with some bad aint it. If you want I can give you a lift into town. You can call a tow truck to get your car if the highway patrol hasn't already done it. Come on. My truck's not to far down this trail. Oh by the way my name's Albert Ryan. Everybody just calls me Bert" He said extending his hand for a greeting.
Bryce accepted the kind gesture and started moving towards the direction indicated.

His head was floating now, but not by the strange passenger in his mind but by the circumstances that led up to his appearance in the first place and the effects that they would have on the rest of his life. Bert had an extra flannel shirt in his blue and grey F-150 that he kept in case it unexpectedly started to rain. The simple comfort was able to pull Bryce's mind away from his situation for the moment. The radio was playing some old Hank Williams song and the truck reeked of animal urine. There was a country radio station sticker on the glove compartment that hung open, the latch broken in some minor mistake years ago.
"Where are you from?" The old gentleman said breaking the silence and whatever distraction Bryce had stumbled across. He didn't see how telling the old man where he was from would hurt ,but his first instinct was to lie.