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Project Theta 27

____________Project Theta 27____________________________
Darkness. Total, complete, and utter darkness. A small white dot shines in the distance. You want to go toward it, but you cant feel anything. It's as if you had no body, nothing to move.

You sit there, staring off at the white dot, when it starts to grow brighter. A beam of light shoots out of the dot, so intense, that when it hits you, you feel a sudden, excruciating pain. You feel helpless, as more and more light slams into you, and then, everything is black again.

You wake up in a room. It seems to be a hotel room, what with the nightstand and two evenly spaced out beds. There is no TV. No windows. There are just the beds and the nightstand. One lone door stands on the opposite wall. You decide to look around a bit, when suddenly you hear footsteps outside. Someone is opening the door! What are you going to do!? Hide and surprise attack, or stay in the bed and hope for the best?