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Prison Escape

All the prisoners shuffle on board, and are directed towards a wall. Against the wall are Capsules. They are surrounded by Energy shields so that the prisoners can not get out and so they will fall asleep. The guards call them Cryo Chambers. All the prisoners are forced forward into the Cryo Chambers. Several of the prisoners put up a fight but none succeed because of the amount of guards to prisoners. One guard is standing in the entrance making sure that nothing goes wrong. He is pleased with the way the guards are handling the prisoners. None of the Prisoners were injured much, and the rowdy ones were tranquillized so that no fight was started.
The last prisoner is put into his Cryo Chamber and the Energy Shield envelops the Chamber.
'Commander Frey,' Says one of the guards.
'All prisoners are secure. We are ready.'
The guard at the door replies.
'Good Rod. Go tell the Captain to move when I give the word.'
'Yes Commander,' Re[plies Rod and he walks through the door to the right.
Commander Frey stands as still as he was a moment ago watching some of the Prisoners try to fight their way out. They punch the shield, they kick the shield and then they wear out and are forced to sleep due to the effects of the Cryo Chambers.
'Stupid Bastards,' mutters Commander Frey.
'Right Jimbo, go tell the Captain...'
You get interrupted by a message coming through your Ear-piece.
'Do not leave yet. We have another prisoner coming to you. He was found in Sector 7 dash 8 9. He is a murderer.'
'Jimbo, delay that order,' Says Commander Frey.
'We have another coming.'

Five minutes away a man has been cuffed and is being escorted by 3 guards.
'I didn't kill anyone,' Says the murderer.
'I found them lying there and I went to help, and...'
'Shut the fuck up Prisoner.'
A guard pulls out an electrical stick and zaps the prisoner. The prisoner falls to his knees in pain.
'Get up,' Commands one of the guards.
'Please, don't take me. I have a family. I...'
'Didn't we tell you already to be quiet,' yells another guard.
The Prisoner gets zapped again.
'Aah!' moans the prisoner.
'Stop it. I'm innocent.'
'That's what they all say. Now move.'

Back at the entrance, Commander Frey, along with the other 50 guards await the newest member of the Prison clan.
'Commander, who are we waiting for,' Asked one of the guards.
'I was not told. All I know is that someone is coming. I was not told what he has done, and I don't really want to know. Before he gets here however, did anyone end up creating another Cryo Chamber?'
All the guards stare at the Commander for a moment, then mutter amongst themselves until one of the guards speak up.
'No Commander. No one has done it yet.'
Commander Frey looks at the guards for a moment, then his mood starts to Disimprove.
'Well? What are you all waiting for?' He yells.
'Someone, get on with it before the prisoner gets here.'
'Yes commander,' they all reply, then all the guards start moving to create a new Cryo Chamber.
'Fuck, you think they would have done something when I asked. Not stood there just to say 'No we haven't," Growled Commander Frey.
He turned around and awaited the new arrival with ever increasing nervousness. He just hoped the new member of the team would not be an out of control Criminal. Sector 7 Dash 8 9 was the worst Sector for Criminal activity after all. There were a lot of murders from that sector. And if it wasn't murder, it was torture, theft, and Looting.

The Prisoner had settled down realising that he could not escape whatever he said. He was dragged on forwards towards the 50 Guards and 1 Commander. However, he didn't know that he was going to be going to the Renai Penal Colony on Ranus IV. Not until he saw the vessel that was going to be taking him there. The Yerxes Cargo Transport. He saw the Vessel and started yelling.
'I didn't kill anyone. Let me go. I'll do anything you want. No, stop. Please don't take me to the Penal colony. Please. I won't survive. I've got family here on Earth. I live in Sector G1. LET ME GO!'
The guards at this stage had decided to ignore him thanks to how close they were to getting rid of him. The 3 guard and the Prisoner arrive at the Yerxes Cargo Transport Vessel.

'Commander Frey,' Says one of the guards.
'This is the man you are to take with you. he is a Mass murderer. He killed 10 people in sector 7 dash 8 9.'
'Bullshit,' Yelled the prisoner.
'What is the mans name?" Asked commander Frey.
'He won't tell us. All he says is he did not kill them. that he is innocent. He won't shut up.'
'Well, prisoner. You are mine now. Here is a piece of advice. Keep your mouth shut, don't say you are innocent because that's what they all say, and don't do anything I wouldn't do and you will be alright. Right, Jimbo. Grab him and put him in Cryo Chamber 25.'
'Noooooo!' Screams the prisoner, but by this stage it is to late to even try to bargain because he is thrown into the Cryo Chamber, and it is sealed in the blink of an eye.
'Please, I have family,' he calls out, but the Shield is sound proof and so nothing is heard. he tries over and over again, but every word he says drains his energy and then his world goes black.
'That's better,' laughs Commander Frey.
'Right-o,' continues Commander Frey.
'You guys get outta here before we take off. Thanks for the heads up too.'
'Yes, Sir!' The 3 guard walk out the entrance and then the door closes.
'Right Jimbo, tell the Captain to take off.'
Jimbo heads to the right once more and the door closes behind him.
'Good work men. Now lets get some shut eye.'
from here, Commander Frey leads his men into the guards quarters where they all lay on a bed and press a button on their wrist watches and a sheilds envelops each bed like a Cryo Chamber and every guard is put to sleep.