Assistant Affairs: The Series.

Your name is Chaz - at least, that's what you go by, you hate your first name so expect everyone to respect you in the least by calling you Chaz...

You've just turned 18. Wayhey!!!

You've also just passed your driving lessons!

You have medium, layered, black choppy hair, with a side fringe.

You LOVE piercings, and already have - snakebites, nose, ears and bellybutton pierced. You'd love to get a tattoo, but haven't had the time to get one yet.

You're Scottish and your dream job has to revolve around music...

That's the basics, for now.

Now it's time for you to go to your first interview - to become a P.A (Personal Assistant) for My Chemical Romance.

A/N: Now i don't give a monkey's ass if you don't like the band. You have to start off somewhere, and it just so happens...this was the only band available, so muahaha to you. :)

And the photo is to represent you...even though she doesn't have the same appearance - she's still pretty, which is IMPORTANT, because it's YOU. :D

ALSO rooms are available for readers to add to, but i already know where i'm going with this story - so don't be surprised if i don't accept your edits. (:

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