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Sonic World Adventure Rush!

"The first thing you got to know, is your Vital Stats! These are what determine your success against situations that you may encounter! All of these stats are determined by rolling two die and adding the totals! Then fill in a chosen Stat with that outcome!

"Take the time to do this now, so we can continue the tutorial! You can change these stats when you start the actual adventure!"

"The first stat is SPEED! It determines how fast you are in a situation! Let's try it out!

"There's a robot chasing you! Roll on your SPEED STAT! If the two die totals to lower than your SPEED STAT, then you escaped him! (Whew!). But if it meets or exceeds your stat, you are hit by him! (Don't worry, he can't hurt you!)

"When you're finished, continue to the next section!"

You have 1 choice: