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Serial Rapist

Muscle memory moves your hand faster than you can think. *click* *click* *return key* You've cleared your browsing history, cache and downloads. You've emptied the trashcan image on your desktop. All the while, you've been fake-blowing your nose very loudly.

You are the only person who really uses this computer anyway. You expect that you could leave the porn snippets and web history there for all the world to see and that your parents or kid sister would never see the smut you cherish; even if they got on the computer they would never poke around it, afraid they might break it.

Still, your policy is 'be safe anyway'.

You were born and raised in a rich Mormon neighborhood. It's actually not very different from any other neighborhood - just everyone has a lot of spare money for donation and house repair and lawn decoration and that you get religion shoved down your throat all day every day.

On your way out the door you drop dirty tissues into a trashbin and then pull out its trashbag.

Lugging a weeks worth of garbage on your back, you shout to the second floor, "Mom! I'm taking the trash out! I'm going to bike or something... I'll be back before dinner!"

Not certain that she even heard, you push the front door open and breath in the summer air.

You've got the confidence to do it now. No matter how much they've told you your entire life that sex should wait and that virginity is holy and blah, blah, fucking blah... you have the confidence and determination to get laid.

After imaging what must be tens of thousands of scenarios in your mind, you must choose a partner and a style and everything else that certainly must be planned for sex.

There is this nice girl from school who doesn't really even talk to people much. She's not gorgeous or even that good looking. But she's got ample breasts now - a handful and a half that have blossomed since she entered the High School. In the cold you've noticed her nipples stiffen well. Her ass leaves something to be desired in you, but since she's a decent weight and has nice breasts so you consider her established in the fuckable category.

The problem is trying to get her to even talk to you, much less fuck you. She's known as a recluse and her parents, as it is common in the area, have probably scared her shitless with 'the dangers of sex'.

So optionally, you could just head to the shadier areas of the capitol region, away from this district. You've got good money on you that a poorer girl would definitely do the goods for. But you won't be able to solidify a hot girl for certain. Maybe the only women available willing to screw for cash will be porkers? You grimace at the idea.