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High School is a bitch

Been done before.
This is what most readers will think after only reading the title.


Most school stories is only about a school day and 95% of the time they get derailed out of the theme after only the 5th room. This story will be about a whole school year. Let me explain the settings.

This is your last year before College and you truely want it to be memorable. In a bad way or in a good way, you don't care. All you want, is to remember this special year.

Now you can choose between four missions, but please note that once you choose, you can't go back. Let me explain the four possible missions.

-Popularity is a sin: Popularity is somehow very important for a lot of students. This mission will be about social. Making friends, making enemies. Being talked about.

-Get laid: If you ever watched the movie Superbad, you'll know what this mission is about. Lose your virginity once and for all before the end of the year.

-GroundBreaking innovation: Be the best of the best in every subject.

-Slacking Master: Do nothing at all and still pass with the minimum of 60% or more.