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Welcome to STOP

The two turned females and a turned male swivel the focus of their attention toward you with your first step toward the table. Spit glides down your dry throat. This is one of those moments they talk about when people's lives change forever. As many times as it has been related to you and as many times as you have been through it, it still feels unfamiliar.

You shuffle forward and press one hand against the mahogany surface of the oval table in the center of the room. You reach out with your other hand and lay you hand on the knee of the male zombie. The zombie stares at your hand as hard as you do.

Pulling yourself onto the table, you reach out to each of the zombies, letting your hand slide over their faces and mouths. Another wad of saliva climbs down your throat. This is amazing.

You step down from the table.

The zombies immediately lose their interest in you when more members of STOP ante in for their turn. Most members find it enough to touch the feet or knees of the zombies, but some members like you climb up and interact on a much higher level. Some members of STOP even bother hugging the zombies.

Paul passes you a beer, then comments, "We aren't a terrorist organization. We've got a vision. Looks like you share it now, as well." You click the beer open. Over the sound of foam, "It's not a coincidence I wanted you to join. I'll explain myself later. Look, have a fun time. I'll be here if you want to ask questions. Otherwise, join the party." He hits you playfully.

Just like that, no initiation and no vows (not even a conversation) you've joined STOP.

You have 2 choices: