Can it be that it was all so simple then?

Experience has taught you that there ares two types of people that carry guns, the quick and the dead. You plan to be the former. You bring your gun up before he can react. He stands in front of you seething.

"I dont know what your problem is, but I just came for a greese bag. Its obvious you two have some things to talk about. Ill leave you two to it."

You glance over at Mei. You see her eyes swimming in terrorfied tears. Her boyfriend is trembling with fury. You want a piece of him badly.

"Mei. Take his gun."

She stares at you wide eyed. "What??"

"Take his gun or I'll kill him."

He looks back at her, furious, and lifts his jacket.

"Take it Mei."

Tentatively, she reaches into his jacket and removes the .45.

"Slide it to me."

She bends down and slides the .45 over. You trap it under your foot before putting the .38 in your pocket.

"Im going to kick your ass myself."

His eyes light up. "Mei, wait out back while I kick your boyfriend's ass. I'll deal with you when Im done."

Mei slides silently along the wall before opening the door and slipping into the night. Now its go time.

He's quicker that you thought landing a two punch combination to your face while your eyes are still on the door. With your foot, you slide the .45 into the far corner corner as you stumble backwards. You give the corner of your mouth the old Bruce Lee thumb wipe and settle back into a stance.

The dance is on.

He rushes you with quick combinations, punches, kicks, knees. This guy is not amateur. You're getting your shots in, but this guy is much better than you. Blow after blow is landing. His timing is much better than yours. Youre in the fight, but you wont go the distance.

You let your head droop and drop your guard a bit to lull him into overconfidence. By all appearances, you are about to hit the deck. The ruse works as he drops back into a martial arts stance and throws a looping round kick. You grab his leg and give him a hard kick to the knee, trying your best to break it. You hear a loud pop as he stumbles to the ground.

Now is your chance.