Can it be that it was all so simple then?

You head off down the street in the direction of Yum's already tasting a 5 piece wings and fries. Youve been here many nights with the misses, but you usually end up walking away steamed vegetables or something else that leaves youre grease jones in full force.

A first glance the place looks like it should. The red Yum's sign flickers on and off in red neon in the glass window. The walls and plastic pictures of random entrees that no one ever orders. The only thing missing is Mei's smiling face at the register. In fact, no one is there at all.

You walk in, instinctively sliding your hand into you pocket to grip your smith & wesson.

Hello?? answer.

As you move to ring the bell you hear what sounds like a muffled shriek from the back of the restaurant followed by the clang of metal pans on the floor.

Sounds like there could be trouble in the back. Youre thoughts immediately go to Mei. Youve grown quite fond of her over the years between many meals shes cooked you over the years and the many nights youve fucked in the back alley after closing. Still, you hesitate. Her boyfriend and owner of this establishment is one of those wannabe Chinese mafia types and hes already suspicious of you two. You...