Warlords: Strategic Conquest


Three legendary warlords. One land. Who will rule?

Warlords: Strategic Conquest is a story set in medieval China. Each choice you make will logically determine how your campaign proceeds. Clues to help you select the best choices are woven into the narrative.

Background story:

It is 907 A.D., and China has seen better days. Riots spreading like wildfire ended three hundred years of Tang rule. Ordinary citizens overthrew their local politicians, fed up with inept government and rising taxes. The central government responded by increasing the allowance of military power to each province. Amidst the political unrest and military buildup, ambitious warlords everywhere saw a chance to grab their piece of the pie. These absolute leaders, exercising both military and civil power, declared their independence from Tang authority, seized private property, fought each other, and turned order upside down.

China's power vacuum longs to be filled by someone skilled enough to defeat his opponents and unite the country once again. Three particular warlords stand out:

Governor Toleron
Growing up in a poor Southern village, Toleron's childhood was marred by domestic violence. His seldomly employed father spent what little money his family had on liquor and gambling. The more he drank the angrier he would get at not being able to provide for his family. Toleron's mother would often receive the brunt of his father's drunken temper. Toleron stayed home for his mother's sake, but resolved to make a better life for himself. At the age of 20 he finally left home and started his own business as a fabric manufacturer. He worked hard and his company eventually became one of the most profitable businesses in the South. After transferring company ownership to his mother, Toleron joined the Tang army's civilian staff. Thanks to his knack for organization, he soon rose to a high administrative post. After the revolution began, a loyal following of soldiers urged him on to take over the provincial government. Toleron is highly regarded for his expertise in leveraging resources and logistics. Everyone serving under him believes he would make a wise emperor.

General Nahru
Abandoned by his parents at the age of three, Nahru spent his childhood learning the power of violence while fighting for scraps on the streets. After learning what Tang soldiers get paid to do, he immediately enlisted in the army. In battle, Nahru fought fearlessly against Korean revolts and Mongol invasions. After years of heavily decorated service, he was promoted to Supreme Commander of the Northern Forces. He sees the revolution as a golden opportunity to carve out his own empire. Famous for his ruthlessness and hot temper, Nahru inspires as much fear as respect among his own colonels, but that keeps them focused lest they make a career-ending mistake. He is confident that he will one day take over the entire world, and no one would bet against him considering his unblemished battle record.

President Min
Min was born into an affluent family in western China. An only child, his mother was overprotective and smothered him with attention. He grew up shy, awkward, and shunned by peers at school. His only constant companions were books. In addition to helping him make excellent grades, the books also cultivated Min's fanciful imagination. He started to notice people's body language and what it would indicate. Over time he honed his communication skills until he could impress anyone he came across. He talked his way into mayorship of a burgeoning western city only a few weeks after graduating from Soh Lin University. Over the years Min has built a reputation as a peerless diplomat. When the rebellions began, several admiring towns voluntarily incorporated themselves into his territory and elected him president. With a persuasive tongue like his, there is no limit to what Min can accomplish.

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