Visual Epic

Welcome to "Visual Epic". For this game, it is recommended that you have the following: a piece of paper, a pencil, a die (one dice), and a calculator. If you don't own dice, you can find virtual ones at

This game functions similar to an RPG in that what you see is shown in the picture to the left, and to move, talk, etc. you use the choices below. This box of text will have additional descriptions and conversations where needed.


This game is pretty straight forward, and the battle system will be described as you come to it. There is one thing that needs explaining now, however. Write the numbers one through eleven on a piece of paper. At certain times during the game you will be told that "Condition # now applies". If this happens, put a check mark by the number of the condition in your list. If you are told later it no longer applies, simply cross it off. Some choices can only be selected if a certain condition either does or doesn't apply. It might seem complicated now, but it becomes easier once you start.

This story is relatively complex, and there may be some bugs in it. If you find one, please send me a message saying what's wrong. Thank you.

You have 1 choice: