You survey the battlefield that you've created. All sides have been at war for a long time, and also evenly matched. Who will win? It will all be decided on tonight.

"Hey! Its time to go to bed!" you Mom says coming into your room.

Or at least it would be, if you didn't have to go to bed!

"Aw Mom! I was just about to do something!" you protest.
"Well you can do something tomorrow, right now its bedtime, you know the rules. But before you do remember to brush your teeth and put these toys away."
"But…but can't I leave them out? I got everything set up and like everything! The final battle for the universe is going to take place!"

Your Mom surveys everything you've set up. You have a myriad of unusual toys and figures standing next to each other. You have plastic knights standing next to space men defending a castle made of blocks on one side while across from them has a combination of green army guys in vehicles and some metal robots. And yet on the far side of your room is another army set up consisting of dinosaurs and some other monsters. She just smiles at your creativeness.

"Very well, it looks like you went to a lot of trouble, so okay. You certainly do have a vivid imagination to come up with some of the games you do."

Happily you go brush your teeth, and think about the battle that's going to take place tomorrow! General Razor will try to storm the castle and Lord Justice will defend it! And then the Dino Demons will try to destroy everything! It's going to be so cool!

After brushing your teeth, you head back to your room where you carefully step around the figures you've set up with care and get into bed. Of course as usual, you don't fall asleep right away; you read a couple pages of your favorite comic book first. Man you wish real life wasn't as boring as it is. There's no magic, no super heroes, no giant robots, no nothing! You often wished you lived in a world with all of those things.

You turn off the lights in your room when your Mom checks on you again and demands you go to sleep. You're still a little to wound up to fall asleep though, so you just lie in your bed thinking how tomorrow's battle is going to play out.

Of course one bad thing about having an overactive imagination is letting it run away with you. Your room is dark, with only the dim moonlight shining in and creating creepy shadows on your walls. You begin to think the shadows are moving, begin to get a little scared and hide under the covers. Then you think back to something your mom told you the last time you got scared like this: "Monsters aren't real. Nothing like that exists in this world."
Of course she's right, after all you just thought the world you lived in was boring by not having those types of things in it.

You slowly peer out from under your covers, but unfortunately this isn't the work of your imagination. These shadows ARE moving and now they're right by the side of your bed. Red dots form their eyes and a bluish light form their grinning maws. Before you can cry out, one of them puts its hand over your mouth and puts its other hand to its own with its index finger to its lips. (Or rather where its lips would be if it had any)

"Shhhhhhh, the master wants to see you…there will be plenty of time to cry then, little one. Open up the portal." The shadow says

Suddenly a purple portal opens up where your closet is, and two of the shadow creatures grab and carry you into it. The shadows run around you as you're carried down the green tunnel which the portal has lead into. They excitedly talk about how their master will be pleased for getting you. Of course all you're doing right now is panicking, and you start to struggle to get away, surprisingly, you manage to break free of their grip and start trying to run back to where they entered this thing.

"Get him! He's trying to run away!"
"Do it quickly before the portal starts collapsing!"

As you hear the shadows giving orders to each other, the portal tunnel that you're in is indeed starting to flash and blink a lot, when you look down at your running feet, the purple light "supporting" you disappears every now and then revealing only blackness. You can see your room just up ahead and you ALMOST reach it, before the green tunnel disappears completely.

You yell and scream about how you wish you back home as you fall through the endless void, and while that doesn't happen, you do suddenly appear someplace else…

You land roughly, scraping your legs and knees and getting your pajamas all dusty. After brushing yourself off and rubbing your hurting legs, you get a better look at your surroundings.

You're in what looks to be the middle of nowhere, though there is a small group of rickety looking houses nearby, probably a small village.

One thing is for certain, you know you aren't on Earth, because, a small multi-colored lizard like creature with three eyes scurries by your feet and into the wilderness beyond. You're still scared, but also fascinated by this place; however, you realize you need to figure out how to get back home and what exactly is going on.

You have 1 choice: