The Pattern

Mazen Ashland
Age: 8
Mother: Ratika Anwar Ashland (deceased)
Father: Michael Ashland
Place of Birth: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Siblings: None
IQ: 189

Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Mocha
Birthmark: A kidney shaped mark of brown above his left knee.

Mazen was born in Bangladesh, and promptly transferred to the United States to live with his paternal grandparents. His father was a soldier and his mother was homeless. She didn't live past his birth, but his father claimed him and sent him away.

Mazen's life with his grandparents has allowed him many luxuries in creativity. His grandfather trained him at age five to understand the workings of machinery, and he used every piece of information to his advantage. His creations are more than remarkable. See attached list of inventions.

Mazen's behavior in class is questionable, and his grade school teachers are inept in supplying him with sufficient challenges. Modification will be required.