The Pattern

Dear Recipient:

You are formally and cordially invited to participate in The Pattern. Many of you have been under surveillance since birth for this project. The project's details are extremely secretive, and a security clearance must be maintained for you to be permitted to participate. Through your actions large and small, from the DNA you possess, and from our dire need for resolution, you have been invited to attend a special training class that will prepare you to save the world.

If perhaps you have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, or nurse, or teacher, you will have to set aside those dreams to aspire to a new level of greatness. You will in effect be brought to the very edge of reality and given the chance to explore new worlds. To say more would be to endanger many lives. Time is of the essence, and should be taken into account when deciding what you would like to do.

With all of that said, please check one of the two boxes below. Check no to continue amusing yourself playing with bouncy balls and trampolines. Check yes if you would like to be a cowboy of an even greater frontier than the west.

Darrell A. Woods
Director of Admissions
The Pattern

You have 2 choices: