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Hall of Infinite Doors

Welcome to the Hallway of Infinite Doors. In this story each door leads to a new adventure. If you find a door that has not been claimed you may claim it by adding on to that door. Please do not vandalize this story and only enter quality rooms. The objective is to create a small adventure behind each doorway. Try to avoid leaving too many choices open ended in your mini adventure and if possible make it self contained. You may work on it day after day if you'd like and what lies in beyond the doorway may be anything your mind desires. Good luck and have fun and please make additions!

Thanks to Usoki, I will place an asterisk * next to each door that has been added on to.

New Feature:

*- Indicates that there is writing behind this door. It may be very good or bad, this symbol does not indicate anything other than there are rooms beyond it.

**- Indicates a completed or almost completed story behind the door of enjoyable quality. It may also indicate a significant number of rooms behind the door, even if it is not completed.

***-Indicated a very high level of effort behind the door and is either completed or on its way there.

If your story did not get a ** or *** and you think it deserves it PM me. It doesn't mean I don't like you it just probably means I haven't read it yet. That's all folks and I hope you enjoy the story. It's grown quite large and one could get lost in it...

Update: Over 3000 rooms, 8000 choices, 700,000 hits and 300,000 words! Thank you to everyone who has contributed and keep up the good work! Let us see if we can make it longer than War and Peace (560,000 words english edition). A lofty goal but I believe it is fully attainable. If anyone needs anything changed or has any suggestions at all just PM me and I'll take care of it.

New note: If you have made new rooms you would like me to look at please personal message me with a link. The story has grown so fast that it is difficult to navigate without missing somethings, and I don't want to miss anything!

PLEASE NOTE: As of Thursday, January 25th, 2007 I have deleted all of jamesmon130's rooms and banned him from making additions. This is because the rooms were almost completely incoherent and riddled with literally hundreds of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. If you are going to produce complete and total garbage then I will delete it. I do wish to maintain some level of quality in this story. Once again thank you to all the other members who have made some awesome additions. Keep up the good work!

UPDATE: You may cast your vote for the best story in the Hall of Infinite Doors within the Iron Door. Please vote to ensure that the very best story receives the coveted four star rating.

Take the HOID Challenge, can you reach the end of the hallway (without cheating)? If you make it, add more doors, make it even longer!

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