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You are a high ranking ninja!!!!!!

If you decide to add on to my story,please dont ruin it for others,and if you find any mistakes or suggestions please send me a email.thx""

The throne room is really big! and the walls are covered with neat-o paintings.The emporer cape to you himself to tell you to meet him here so you know it is REALLY important.
the emporer hasnot arrived yet so you decide to take a seat at one of the chairs inside the room and enjoy the paintings and the good looking of the room..this may be your last time into this room for all you are engrosed into a painting when you feel a tap on the shoulder..starteled you jump up and turn to see who it is...the emporeer himself! you bow and re seat yourself..when the emporer starts to breif you on a mission to assasinate an enemy military leader named Hasbinbad(thanks to piers anthony for the name).the Emporer also tell you that hasbinbad is currently located somewhere in central China and that he is putting you in command of 3 other comrad ninjas and that an airship is waiting to take you if you decide to the you: