"Uhh... uhh we're not sure if we can do that..." sais one of the guards.
You point the gun at them.
"Uhh... OK" He laughs nervously.He walks towards the door. "Uhh... how exactly do you want me to do this?"
"I don't care just as long as it doesn't involve a bullet up your ass."
"Oh... I see... Hehehe..." Another nervous laugh.
"Here's an idea," you say, "How about, you call all your guardy buddies and get them to shift it and get all these 'sick patients' out of here before I call the cops!"
"Oh, right, he uhh... the communicators. Uhh, good thinking there!" He pulls out his handheld communicator thing.
"Uhh, hey there. Uhh... we got a bit of a situation here..."
You hear someone reply, "What is it Lou?"
"Uhh... Spirrok's here pointing an AK at me and he's threatening to... uhh... riddle me and Charlie- he's, uhh, got Charlie too- uhh, riddle us with bullets if we don't get everyone out the building."
There's a long silence. "Shit!" the other guy says. Then, you hear the other guy say something in a very low voice. You can't hear it.
"Lou" replies, "Is it working? I thought it wasn't ready yet!"
More mumblings. You're sure that they're up to no good. What do you do?