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You awake, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. A cool breeze plays over your bare skin, causing an army of goose bumps to march across your exposed flesh. Funny, you don't remember undressing for bed last night. As a matter of fact, you don't even remember going home from the party. Awareness dawns of being in an unfamilair place. Confusion convinces you to stay reposed with your eyes still closed as you desperately probe your mind for answers.

"Remember, remember," you silently plead with yourself.

Slowly, memories from the night before begin to form in small, surreal sequences... Piling out of the taxi with Dan, Terrie, Michael and Sophie. Stephanie unwrapping one of her gifts, a silly-looking purple thong adorned with black sequins, a gag gift from the guys in the IT Department. Laughter as a champagne cork rocket launches towards the ceiling, bounces off a beam and plops down into Larry's slice of cake. And then...oh yes, and then!

The stranger, sidling up next to you at the bar, caressing you with those amazingly vivid green eyes, eyes that speak volumes, yet say nothing at all. Sucking you in to their mysterious and secretive depths, promising everything while giving nothing. Those oh-so mesmerising eyes, so startling and captivating that the face surrounding them was just an unmemorable featureless blur.

The drink. You remember Green Eyes offering to buy you a drink. Did you accept that "Eve's Apple" offering from the enthralling stranger? Try as you might you just can't remember.

Unable to bear your stillness any longer you open your eyes to see a ceiling fan turning lazily above your head, the cause of your goose bumps.

Definately not a familiar place. You sit up and look around the room. Its a large bedroom, painted a pale sea foam green. The bed you are sitting on is large, with cream colored sheets and a cream and pale green quilt, which has been kicked to the foot of the bed. The room also contains a double-doored pine armoire. You see a door across the room and a shuttered window on another wall. Rising from the bed your bare feet sink into the inviting softness of a sheepskin rug. After a moment of savoring the wooly warmth you walk to the...

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