You turn around and run back into the building. On your way up the stairs you notice Charlie.
You run up the stairs and get to the first floor (or second floor for all you Americans out there!) There is a door to your left. You go throught.
You're in a large hospital-like corridor. There are doors all along your left, and glass along your right. In throught the doors are rooms with "patients" in them.
You go in the nearest door.
You're in a room with five beds. In each of the beds lies a person. Three of the people have no arms. The other two are uncontious, but otherwise fine.
You walk over to the person nearest to you. It's a young man with short blonde hair and a tatoo on his neck saying "Why not? It could be fun!" in swirly letters.
You waste no time. You pick him up, sling him over your shoulder, then carrie him out the bed, through the door and down the stairs. When you get to the bottom you put him down.
Then you realise something.
You don't have a plan.
You just waltzed in there and carried the guy downstairs, not really knowing why.
You need a plan.