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Final Stand

Realizing that you probably don't have enough time to return home, you resign yourself to staying inside gun shop for the night. With luck, none of those vampirish creatures will come looking for you inside of the shop. If one does come, you are sure you may be able to destroy it. But if there is more than one...

You realize that you should try and block up the front window with some heavy objects to obstruct entry to those things. As you begin to swing the flintlock off your shoulder to begin your work, you hear "White boy, you sure are a damned fool!".

Startled, you look toward the broken window. A black woman with a .45 pistol is looking directly at you, with pistol raised and scowling. You decide it would be in your best interest to stand quite still.

A grin cracks her scowling face. Lowering the pistol, she says "If you know what is good for you, you ought' a follow me now". Without another word, she turns and begins to walk north.

Still reeling from the unexpected visitor, you have a moment of indecision.

What should you do?