The Blade

You are The Blade. Not just any mundane blade, You are the Culmination of All Blades in history, From the Worst of Polearms to the Beautiful Excalibur, You alone are perfect. You have no need for a wielder, You can move, Fight, Kill all by yourself. But for what purpose? You miss the days when you had free reign, Chopping your edge through the worlds strongest beings. Dragons fell swiftly to the aspects of blades such as Ascalon and Gram. Gods? Pointless against their own weapons, concepts? Paltry foes, when faced with miracles made by Reality itself. but now? now your alone, stuck in a heap of Cursed Dirt. you can do nothing but wait. Much like Excalibur, Durundal, Ardonight and other such weapons that created your being. You must wait for someone to grasp your hilt and pull your body from the ground. OR DO YOU.