A Night of Desperate Ladies

It would probably be safer to carry her, but how can you do it? Before she accidentally falls, you grab her under her arms. Just as Jenna predicted, the only way to do that involves at least partly grabbing her breasts. Courtney obviously notices, looking up at you and winking while beginning to lift up her shirt. Before this gets out of hand, you cradle her under her arms with one hand while sliding your other below her butt.

After some awkward maneuvering, she is finally in your arms. This time didn't go quite as well as the first time you picked her up, and instead of holding under her knees, you are basically holding her butt. Her skirt has also flipped upwards showing off her thong, still glistening from her urine. To add to it all, Courtney starts trying to lift up her shirt.

Jenna laughs as she opens the door, then looks around. She sees the chairs you mentioned and quickly grabs one. You are able to successfully set Courtney down without any further problems, but she is still trying to lift up her shirt. Finally, Jenna jumps in to assist, quickly pulling it over her head.

"OK, there's that. Is your bra wet too? Shit, looks like it is, so I'll get that out of the way."

The bra is quickly off as well - it looks like Jenna has had a lot of practice at this!

"Now I need your help with this part. I've got to take the skirt off and its zipper is in the back. I need you to pick her up so that I can get to it."

Now her bare breasts are going to be pressed against you! Apart from the weirdness of her being semi-conscious, this is simply amazing. Thankfully she isn't moving around right and you are able to lean her forward enough to slide your arms under hers. Standing her up, you wrap your arms around her back to steady her, which has the positive side effect of pulling her body against yours, her breasts are pressed so tightly against your abdomen.

You are so preoccupied that you almost forgot why you were doing this. Jenna goes behind Courtney then bends down to take off the skirt. However she draws a sharp breath and stands up quickly while cradling her abdomen. You are briefly distracted from the beautiful rack pressed into you when you realize that she can barely bend over without her dress pressing her over-full bladder.

"Sorry, I forgot I can't bend down like that in this dress! Now hold on for another second."

It looks like she's done this before, even talking to herself while working on the skirt.

"Alrighty, the hook is undone, and now the sticky zipper... There we go! Now lets see if we can get that pesky skirt down over your tight ass."

As Jenna begins to tug the skirt down, you feel Courtney sharply squeezing your butt as she looks up at you with a goofy grin on her face. She clumsily tries to reach around to the front of your pants, causing you to lose your grip on her. The only way you can catch her is by grabbing her tightly around the chest.

There's no time to spare, what do you do?