A Night of Desperate Ladies

Who cares about how dirty your room is, you want to take a shower with this woman.

"Here, follow me." you say. "I apologize in advance, I wasn't anticipating anyone so I didn't exactly clean up."

It seems like she isn't even paying attention to the room or what you are saying, because as soon as you enter your bathroom she grabs your head and kisses you deeply. She reaches down and briefly fondles your now-flaccid penis before pulling back with a smile while staring you straight in the eyes. She never breaks her gaze, even as she lifts up one of her massive breasts and begins sucking on it briefly.

"I'm feeling dirty, you should probably get that shower warmed up."

Obviously, she is still super horny even after everything you gave her. Wow! You start making out again until she shower is warmed up and you both step in. She once again reaches down and tugs at your dick, but its just too soon. Its obvious what she wants, though, so you slide your hand down between her legs into her still dripping pussy. Her clit is still noticeably protruding past its sheath, so you concentrate your efforts there. They are rewarded with another deep moan from Jenna's lips as she quickly cums yet again. You are rewarded with a short jet of pee hitting the palm of your hand.

Finally satiated, for now at least, the two of you clean each other before drying off. You find your largest towel for her, which unfortunately still isn't big enough to cover her breasts and her crotch. She shakes her head in laughter before throwing the towel on the ground once she is dried off.

"Whatever, I prefer being naked anyway."

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