A Night of Desperate Ladies

Taking a chance, you head to their table and walk up to the taller girl.

"Hi, I'm sorry to intrude, but is your friend OK?"

She seems surprised and looks up at you.

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't see you. In case you can't tell, Courtney REALLY has to pee, but the line is too long and she says she can't wait. Our ride won't take her anywhere, either. I'm honestly not sure what to do."

This is your chance. You can simultaneously help her and enjoy being around these hot, desperate women.

"This might seem a little forward, but I can help find somewhere for her to pee. It won't be immediate, but by the looks of it this line will be at least 30 minutes, and I can definitely find somewhere sooner that that. At the very least, it will be away from everyone if she can't make it. I know you don't know me, but I went to school with a couple of your friends over there. Maybe one of them can vouch for me."

She hesitates, then looks at her friend and sighs.

"OK, let me go ask them. Can you stay here with her?"

You stand awkwardly trying to support this very drunk girl who is over a foot shorter than you. Luckily she is standing on her own at this point, so you look up to see the her talking to your former classmate. She points in your direction so you wave, and the classmate waves back and gives her a hug. She then makes the rounds quickly hugging the rest of the group, then grabs her and her friend's drinks, quickly downs them, and hurries back to you.

"OK, it looks like you're trustworthy. Also, I guess I never properly introduced myself. My name is Jenna. Now, not meaning to rush, but lets get this mess out of here."

You try to be gentlemanly and help her out, but she's so much shorter than you that its difficult. As you stand there awkwardly trying to figure out how to hold her without groping her, Jenna jumps in grabs her.

"Don't worry, I got her. Just lead me to your car."

Once outside, it's a short walk to your car, a small pickup. You quickly lay down a towel that you find under the seat in case she can't make it. Luckily Courtney is able to climb in on her own with minimal help. Once she is buckled in, you realize that this leaves Jenna in the unfortunate position of sitting in the middle. Its crammed for anyone who isn't a small child, and Jenna definitely isn't that, so it could be interesting. Opening the driver's door, you gesture in.

"Sorry Jenna, this truck doesn't have much room in it so you're stuck in the middle. There's not much space for your legs, and its not very wide, but we can make it work."

Not wanting to complain, she scoots down the seat until she is pressing firmly against Courtney. By this point, Courtney is is bent over with a hand pressed firmly into her crotch. There's not much time.

"OK, where do you live?"

"We actually live about 30 minutes away, so that won't work. There's gotta be a gas station open nearby, hurry!"

"There are, but I'm pretty sure they close them at night. The closest place you can definitely pee is my house which is 10 minutes away.

Courtney had seemed pretty out of it up until this point, but she definitely heard that.

"There's no way I can wait that long, I'm going to piss myself! There's a gas station just down this road. Please hurry!"

As if for added emphasis, she scoots her skirt up a little and pressed both hands firmly into her crotch. Her large breasts are shoved forward and bouncing luridly as she struggles.

Which route should you go? The longer but guaranteed route to your house, or try the shorter trip to the gas station even though they are probably closed?