A Night of Desperate Ladies

Looking back to the line, only two more people had gone in despite it being over 5 minutes since you first saw it. At this rate, the line was going to take at least 30 minutes to get through. You immediately search out the first woman to spied, and she doesn't disappoint. She now has a hand firmly buried between her legs and is bouncing up and down. Now that she is turned to the side, it looks like her top is just a bralette, and its having a hard time keeping her properly supported with her moving around as much as she is. While not particularly large, her breasts look like they could fly out of her top at any moment.

At the table next to you, the birthday girl also seems worse off as she gestures wildly at the bathroom line, but its hard to tell how much of her exaggerated behavior is due to alcohol. You notice that her friend is bouncing her foot as she comforts her.

Throughout this all, the woman in the black dress is still intently watching the line while occasionally crossing her legs.

One thing is for certain, there's way too much going on to just sit back and watch. Building up your courage, you set out to approach one of the women you have been checking out. But who?