SHEMME Choice Based Adventure

Chapter 1 -- Prologue

The game starts out with a hazy memory of Vivian and someone else sitting on the beach. Vivian leans over to the unnamed person, placing her hand on theirs. She slowly stands up and starts to walk away. Narration is read through the scene, leading into the mystery that the game revolves around. The narration is told in the voice of Caitlin, but will be named Narrator.


The opening title scene rolls. It is a flashforward to some of their adventures, giving credits to sound design, writing, actors, etc. Each character gets their own amount of time, being introduced with the voice actor’s credits.

Chapter 1 -- Scene 1

Once the opening has finished, we fade to Caitlin’s room. We open on her lying in her bed; a bottle of pills, her phone, and an alarm clock on the bedside table next to her. She slowly wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock, rubbing her head.

CAITLIN: Ughh, it’s too early.

We see her get out of bed and reach for her bottle of pills. She turns it in her hands to read the instructions.

CAITLIN: Two in the morning, two at lunch, two at night.

Instructions show up on screen for the player, explaining the controls for interacting with objects. By pressing Button A, Caitlin swallows the pills. She sets the bottle back on her table and stands up. She walks over to her closet and opens the doors.

CAITLIN: Now, what should I wear?