What If?

It was a warm summer night. As the crickets chirp, you sit at your desk under the window. You grab a paper and your ink sack.
"Dear Mary Anna Custis Lee" You write
A letter to your wife is necessary. You've come up with a plan to end the Civil War and will request permission to go into battle.
"Hello wife, how are the kids. How is Mildred doing in school? Things are going here in Virginia. We are still dealing with the effects of losing Jackson. This war needs to end. But I have a plan. If we can attack the North in their own territory, it would force the Lincoln Administration to negotiate for peace. We can destroy the Union in their own territory. I need to run it by President Jefferson Davis. Resources from the Army of Northern Virginia would be required. If this gets approved I will lead an army into another battle. I pray for the day I can see you again Mary."
As you pour yourself a glass of whiskey, you decide weather or not to telegraph Davis tonight or in the morning.